FREE items - cooling fans, brake lines, tail light parts and more!


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Jul 26, 2008
Houston, TX
Hey guys, I have been going through boxes of things and ran across some parts I would like to give away to anyone who can use them on their own 2nd gen project. These are all good parts and in some cases new parts. I'd rather give them away to fellow 2nd gen owners. I just ask that you pay shipping costs + any related PayPal fees. I can do Venmo or I can accept check or MO for shipping costs if you prefer.

Now for the parts! A photo album of all the parts is

1. Radiator cooling fans. I assume these work. I have no idea what the brand is or their specs but I bought them a long time ago for my 76 Camaro and ended up using fans from Custom Works.

2. 74-77 rear tail light parts. SOLD!

3. Earl's brake lines for the front brakes. SOLD!

4. Window handle springs. SOLD!

5. Outer door handle escutcheons. SOLD!

6. Various pigtails. SOLD!

7. American Auto Wire door jamb wiring. Never used.
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