Front end rebuild and upgrade


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Sep 14, 2006
i just finished replaceing every thing i this thread on my 73 RS/LT(poly graphit bushings uper lower) (eigbach springs .lake wood shocks )(inner outertie rods center link . ideler arm ect.ectball joints eibach said expect 1 to 2 inch drop they were right droped2 inches


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Sep 21, 2006
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Great POST Skaal !!!! STICKY PLEASE!!!!!!!

Thanks!!!!! I just finished mine.......remember to apply proper torque values!!!!! After all, it is, your steering componants you are talking about here!!! Fortunatly, all of these componants have castle nuts that receive a cotter pin for safety.;)

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Jun 20, 2004
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Thanks for all the kind words guys! I thought everyone had forgotten about this post :crazy:

The only thing I might add to this write up is that you should really paint the new steering linkage before you install it on the car... if you care about that kinda thing ;) It rusts up pretty quick.


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Mar 12, 2003
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Great write up how to. I wanted to swap in new springs. I picked up some 5610's from the zone from recommends here. Figured i could use my coil spring compressor i bought a couple of years ago fom H Freight. No go i couldn't get the compressor in there to compress them so i hooked a chain up to it around the spring and lower arm. Put pressure on it and loosened bolts. back one was no problem but front will hit the steering arm. I quit because i really need it higher up to drop the arm enough. Looking at bushings and body mounts you can really tell i turned over the speedo twice already with no new bushings. So my new spring project is looking to be a full suspension bushing overhaul. doh :) Now poly or rubber? questions questions. Time to join membership have a good evening. Kent

edit: I just did search on coil spring compressors and i actually have a strut coil spring compressor. Explains the PIA factor. Heading to the zone and rent one of theirs and see how bad my bushings actually are. I want it back together. Kent
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