FYI, profanity

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Apr 2, 2016
Jax Florida
I get it but have you been around teenagers now days. Went to an awards ceremony at my son's HS recently and walking up to the auditorium the 15ish yr old girl walking in front of me was cussing up a storm in her normal conversation.
Anyhow doesn't bother me and I didn't really notice a foul language problem here.
Carry on!!!
I bust my kids all the time. I get their text's too. One of them had the entire WAP on one. I didn't know who Cardi B was until that. Then I saw an interview with a certain person. Classy Girl. I was not pleased. But what can you do?


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Dec 7, 2014
Let's not fool ourselves into thinking we are preserving the innocence of any child who has access to the internet. I hear 12 year olds calling each other things I never even thought of.

Now, if we want to maintain a level of propriety that can make us geezers proud to say we are associated with the site, then I can live with that.
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