Garage cost

73Z L92

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Jan 25, 2011
Carlos, MN
We just had two local contractors bid a single level 2200 square foot house with a three car garage. Came in at just under $300 per square foot. We were shocked. House project on hold.
My only comment is if you move forward I would build it as big as the HOA will let because some HOA's will only let you add one out building.


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Aug 1, 1999
Getting to the point it might be cheaper to buy an old garage building in the mean part of town and hire a guard? Here in Applach' that's not big money.

The Champ

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Sep 14, 2000
Getting to the point it might be cheaper to buy an old garage building in the mean part of town and hire a guard? Here in Applach' that's not big money.

True dat...

Last night we decided not to build our retirement "forever home". Not just the $450,000 over budget issue, but current estimated build time is 10 - 12 months due to worsening supply chain issues and we don't want to spend another year in a townhome.

Started looking at listings of existing homes and we have found some very nice homes to look at that would be nearly $500,000 less than the current bid to build today.

One that I'm really interested in checking out is about the same size home on a just a slightly larger lot (.35 vs .3) than what we already purchased. But instead of a 4+ stall garage it has a 5 stall garage with another 5 heated stalls underneath with fire doors for a shop/additional garage space. Entry to the basement is via a walkout basement overhead door in the back yard. The listing states that you can get up to 12 vehicles inside! House was built in 2006.



This is more garage space than I have a need for, but can you really ever have too much?

Not saying that this is the house we'll buy, but it sure sounds like a car guy's dream home! Lot's of other things to consider and Mrs. Champ deserves her dream kitchen in our forever home. Looking at pictures is one thing, seeing it in person is another.

One of the other homes has a garage with 3 garage doors - but the garage is over 1,000 sq ft, so I think one stall is 2 deep. We need at least 4 stalls. There is room in the backyard for a small (24x24) second garage if needed. The architectural style is more to our liking and from the photos Mrs. Champ likes the kitchen better.


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Nov 3, 2015
i looked at having a 2 car garage built at my old house, i think i had to stay in under 500 sq ft, and the grim really was it was going to cost a god damn fortune to build. like 40 - 50K.
Why? impervious surfaces. rainwater run off. stormwater management. blah, blah, blah. i needed so much permitting, i would have to get an engineer involved, and it was super tight whether this would fly or not. They told me it would cost about $12,000 just to find out if i could build it.

I moved. i bought a 2 car garage with a detached house.