Glass install before/after paint question...

Romney Mawhorter

70½ Z/28 RS, M21, 4.10, 65k/71 Restomod SS396
Feb 21, 2021
Southern California
Its your preference. Yes agree DougD I'm just thinking if you're paying ≈$10k for a paint job the windows are cheap to replace IF you break them. Anyway, its up to you, the owner VA/SC whether you'll be happy with the bronze under the new color or not. Its not always what you see. If you're any bit OCD like me, just KNOWING its there might be like the Princess and the Pea. To keep my original somethingwood color (forget which wood) on my 71 I kept the cheekbones brown but the whole car will be painted a current mazda red (not done yet).


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Nov 13, 2020
See my thread in the project progress forum. Much easier to do before painting.
Also, I read that the best method for getting a good urethane bond is to go to bare metal, then epoxy prime, then install the glass. Do not install over rattle can paint or even BC/CC.
This seems to be true since I was able to basically pull the urethane off the pinch weld in a few big pieces along with the paint...

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