GM 572 Crate motor hood clearance


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Oct 18, 2001
whitwell, tennessee, USA
I spoke with Ron at fiber concepts in Pennsylvania he told me to post on nasty Z 28, to get info on thr clearance we have a 572 GM crate motor in our 73Z 28 wanna know if anyone has used his L88 hood with that set up or even a three or 4 inch cowl hood looking for info so I can order the right hood once also laid at 6 foot level across fender to fender it measured 2& three-quarter inches at the back of the air cleaner and 4 1/2 inches at the front of the air cleaner if those dimensions help any input would be appreciated thank you Also the air cleaner is the low type
I have run an L88 fiberglass hood since 1975 on my 1973 Z-28. The first ones were not strong enough for the hood latch, had to use pins in front and hinges on rear without springs. The latter ones are strong enough for the hood latch. The rear can be mounted to hinges with lite pressure springs. I go not remember where I got the second one. I also have an issue with it rubbing the vin. plate on firewall. It gives clearance for a high-rise manifold. thanks, Mack