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Any chance u will have them at Columbus GG next year, would love to see them in person...

Last year was whirlwind with stops at Amelia Island (first time for a funny car), the Gators, 7 weeks at Garlits museum, Virginia Nats, Bowling Green twice, Indy, DSR open house, Cecil County, MD, Galot Motorsports Park, NC...and I'm sure I left a few out,lol!
We based the car at the home of dad's partner and dragster driver Steve Malise in Virginia and just flew back and forth...started in February and came back last week of October.

I also lost my traveling partner who recently moved to Florida so chances are no, I'll be staying closer to home and do events in Cali with both cars.

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Amelia Island
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Bowling Green
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Concours of America, MI 2019
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Indy DSR open house
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Home base in Virginia
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And finally the GNRS 2020...before the sh!t hit the fan!
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