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Mar 26, 2006
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I have had good luck with the M/T ET streets so far but have had some problems if track prep isnt real good it will spin. My best 60's have been in the 1.4's Well this winter I am redoing my tranny and putting a T-brake in and I just got my new Prosystems carb and figured now I'm going to be making better power and hitting the tires harder. So having slicks would help esspecialy since my ET streets only have 25% left and are spinning now. I guess I will just get a set of M/T 28/11.0/15 slicks from what you all have said. Thanks a ton from everyone! Its just hard to decide when your going to spend 500 bucks on tires that your going to be stuck with you just want to get the best.

Rich Schmidt

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Mar 27, 2010
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I have been running good with Hoosiers. I have seen a lot of guys running good with Toyo slicks,and they are doing a 2'fer sale right now so i was thinking of buying 2 pairs. I would always like to replace my slicks every 125 to 150 runs,and it gets expensive,but if I had the 2nd set it I would be more inclined to do it.

In my case 150 runs is about 4 months of racing and I dont even do test and tune, and I run only events,so I put a lot of runs on the tires in one day so I do light burnouts after the first or second time shot,so they last long. I am currently trying to get a whole season out of tires which is closer to 200 runs.
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Jun 2, 2009
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Hoosiers for me. I have run the m/t ets before and was alway holdin my breath weather they would hook or not. The two sets I ran got to the point where they were down to about 25%, and just wouldn't hook at all even though they "looked" good still. I used to think it was the track, but swapped to hoosiers and have probably 200 passes on em and it's never a question of if it will hook. I ran my new best in phoenix this weekend and even though I'm not as fast as you guys (went [email protected]) it did go 1.52 60' on the footbreak and a pretty tight converter.

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