Got the Covid


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Sep 24, 2014
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Hope you get better soon. I was in the hospital for a week for pneumonia and dehydration in December. I felt like you, and I think it was the dehydration. Of course as soon as I walked into the hospital, I immediately had COVID, even though I had 2 negative tests the week before, one two days before I was admitted. They called it "COVID pneumonia".

gin man

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Feb 24, 2002
Morris, Il
All you can do is try to wait it out and hope it leaves you soon.
My Wife and I are hiding out at home like cowards. We aren't going anywhere we don't have to go. We are getting groceries and meds delivered to the door and other non-essential trips are just cancelled.
We're like you, Gary. Hardly go anywhere and dropped out of our Friday morning breakfast get-together. Just before New Year, my wife was really sick and she had all of the Covid symptoms. I told her that as careful as she's been, if she had Covid that would be like the Immaculate Conception.


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Dec 24, 2013
tucson az
sounds like your on the road to recovery.
my buddy called Saturday to go gun shopping. half way to the store he mentions his wife's got covid again, but he's tested negative. No idea if he can be a carrier, since his wife had it in 2020 and he tested negative then too. But it did make me pause for a sec, we're in a little car almost shoulder to shoulder with the windows up....just how easily does this stuff get you infected? jim

Mike N

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Jan 13, 2002
Spencerport, NY.
Covid finally hit me. I've been an essential worker this whole time and on Sunday I woke up feeling like I was hit by a truck.

Body aches, 101.6 degree fever, headache and congestion. Today (Wednesday) is the first day without a fever but I'm still feeling wiped out.


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Oct 6, 2005
Sugar Land, Texas
That was me the 1st, it took almost a month till I felt normal.
Next 2 times I had the covid could hardly tell.
Stay hydrated and rest. I now tske D3, vitamin C and zinc daily.

f-body freak

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Nov 22, 2014
northern ohio
Sorry to hear. Sounds like you're getting better. Hope so. The wife & I had it right around New Years. Off work for 10 days, she was off 12. A little worse for her than me. Fever for a couple more days, & more body aches. But we're both good now, thankfully no lingering effects. Hope everyone can stay safe & healthy