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Nov 2, 2002
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I'm going to build a Ryzen 5 PC in the next few weeks/days. I have a GTX 950 video card I bought a few years back. I wanted to go with a (AMD) Radeon card due to the talk that the Nvidia chips are not optimized for the multi core CPU. Anything worthwhile in the AMD chip set is out of stock due to the new focus on cryptomining for a cyber currency. The miners have bought out the reasonably priced cards and those that got them a few months back, at the sub $200 range, have gone to eBay to capitalize on the demand.

Should I just deal with the GTX 950 until they release the consumer focused version Vega series and hope the RX 580/480 stuff will follow it back into stock, or should I go after a new/better GeForce card? I'm not much of a gamer. Some Diablo III and some Fallout 4. Mostly Netflix, stream a few football games and surf forums. I do not have or see myself getting a 4K monitor in the near future.