Great PPG shop


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Nov 24, 2012
Houston, Texas
Northwest Auto Paint and Supply is a great shop staffed by great folks. 900 Emmot Road, Ste C, Houston. 713-896-8993.

Was struggling to find dark brown that I could spray to recolor the vinyl top. My usual shop could not do it for they did not have the needed tint. NW Auto made several attempts at OneChoice with a PPG sample from the 2020 PPG catalog but just too much red. They looked at Deltron 2000 DBC but there were not enough tints to make the color. Next was Deltron 2000 DBI. Working with a 35 year old sample I removed from underneath the chrome trim to the rear of LH door glass they matched it. They put a lot of time into my need. Did not charge me for the OC attempt. One pint of Deltron, including custom mixing and tax was $133. I gave the shop $40.

Sprayed it today and the top looks fabulous.
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Jan 8, 2012
Brenham TX
I've known the owner Matt and most of the guys who work there for years. The shop I work at buys paint from them. Great people to work with.