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    Lit of the 5.3 swap for the very first time after a very long and circuitous route. Big smile and "aaah" moment. Didn't explode so that is a win. On to final details to get this thing down the road.

    -Is there any reason not to use the original charging circuit (with a new 6 to 8 gauge charge wire)? The previous SBC combo had a truck serpentine setup and CS130 alternator. Granted there are a lot of ifs but don't necessarily want to over engineer this thing. No giant stereo in this thing, just pwm controlled electric fan, aftermarket a/c, and an LS swap.

    -if one of those "ifs" occurred, whats the first thing that would fry to hopefully protect everything else? Looking at the diagram here, seems like there are some splices that feed different locations simultaneously.
    First (and quick look) following my original charge wire looks like it goes to the horn relay which I'm thinking is where a lot of other things take power from based on 1 or 2 other similar heavier gauge wires at the horn relay.

    -if separating the charging wire, do you fuse protect the charge circuit or is the goal to fuse protect from the battery (lot of diagrams lead me to believe its protection from the battery). Believe I have a Corvette C5 alternator that looks like its around 130 amps. Doesn't seem right to install a fuse rated at the same capacity of the alternator.
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