Happy 50th Birthday to my 1972 Z28


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Sep 8, 2015
I just noticed on my GM documentation that my Z28 was built exactly 50 years ago today.

I've been the owner/builder of this particular Camaro for just under half of those 50 years (22), it's had quite the life, and it's been a hell of a ride, for both of us.

When I got into this hobby/passion at 17 years old with my first car, a 1969 Camaro SS/RS 396 4spd, it changed me, but, I never thought I would still have the same "feelings and passion" for the hobby almost 40 years later.

I thought I liked cars back then....I had no idea what it would lead, or build up too.

The car is 50 years old, I'm turning 56, and the engine block is 54 years old....and I've never owned anything so fun to drive-cruise or race in, and a complete rush to drive every time I take her out.

The new cars are so quick these days, easy to drive, handle like there on rails, and are real rockets, it's the best time to be a car nut.

But....there's just something about an old classic car that was built by your own hands, and the sound of solid lifters, high RPM & CR, radical cam, road race exhaust and banging gears with a true manual trans that just brings you to a different place, I can't explain it.

You would think after all these years those "butterfly's" of excitement would taper off...but that's not the case at all, I drive this thing, and it's like time stands still...I feel like I'm mid 20's again, I'm actually enjoying it now more than I've enjoyed any of my hot rods...maybe it's just age.

Anyway, Happy 50th Birthday to all those 72's out there, enjoy them like they were supposed to be....driving them, and just living in the moment for whatever it may be.



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Sep 5, 2011
happy birthday to the old girl.lol.i know what you mean with the butterfly's,was just saying other day now when i let mine loose i get that adrenalin rush so bad i have to pull over it gives me back cramps.my youngest boy who is 18 now built most of that 454 and he has the bug in him too.so nice to see.passing on the tourch is great feeling to.its also nice hearing him let it loose.never heard it from behind before.nice car you have there!!!!!keep up the passion.looks good on ya!!lol..


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Aug 8, 2014
West of Chicago IL
You've certainly come along way with it from the pics, it's great looking car. I completely understand the feeling, driving these cars takes you back a bit sometimes..


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Dec 7, 2014
Congrats bud! Love the pictures. The rear end shot driving down the highway is just sexy. Well done, here's to another 50! Oh, I'll be 56 this year too old man...


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Sep 8, 2015
Thanks guys, as the saying goes, the more birthday's the better...let's hope more candles for both of us LOL.

Here's some other shots when Canadian Hot Rod magazine did the photo shoot for there feature on my ride while attending the Camaro Nationals in Toronto.

Glad I got these pics as a momento as the paint is getting chipped up and sand blasted on the bottoms.



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Oct 15, 2000
waukesha wi usa
That is cool, my 72's birthday has passed [I don't know the exact date] but it has a 11d build and was sold 12/23/71,I too am 56, and have had mine since 1993,my wifeys[my high school sweetheart] 67 we've had since 1987 I believe.I figure if you;ve spent more than half of your life with some thing its a keeper:D Beautiful color love the white interior! I'll go out to the garage and wish my car a belated 50'th Thanks for sharing-Steve!!


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