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Sep 29, 2021
New Carlisle, Ohio
70 Camaro 400 SBC Holley Carb. Car started great hot or cold. Had to replace the steering column now very hard start if at all. Coincidence ?? I do notice that when it does start it is just as you let off the key. Seems to run fine after it starts. Just trying to think about could it be electrical before I start looking at carburetor or anything else.


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Nov 13, 1999
Colbert, WA USA
I would check the rod on the top of the column down down to the ignition switch mounted on top of the column. If the rod is maladjusted, the sliding switch will be out of position with the key movement.


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Dec 9, 2009
Gordon from Jacksonville Fl
That sounds like you have no ignition power in "crank" position so the engine can't start until the key is back in "run" position.
This is a good starting point, I'd check power at the HEI plug on distributor for +12V during cranking. In the pre HEI days, coil would get power from yellow wire from starter S terminal (full 12V to coil), then when in run position would get less than 12V through the pink resistor wire from the firewall connector (points ign does not like 12V, points arc when opening/closing causing points to get burnt up, hence they drop the voltage, but during starting it was found giving full voltage helped). You say your 70 has HEI, did you get rid of that resistor wire that feeds the HEI and go with regular wire? A lot of people are under the misconception that if you get rid of the yellow wire when changing over to an HEIL style ignition the car will not start, WRONG! I tested the pink wire on my car before deleting the yellow wire and it does get power during cranking, (run = pink only, start = both pink and yellow are hot, coil does not care that there is 2 power sources feeding it, it just uses the full 12V during cranking, think about having two batteries: ground from each goes to a bulb, one battery is 6V one is 12V, connect both hots to bulb, bulb would be bright, take away the 12V wire, light will be dim, bulb didn't care it was feeding from 2 sources, but it did use the full 12V when it was available).
I can only find wiring diagram for 73 ign switch https://www.nastyz28.com/camaro/wire/1973-camaro-dash-wiring.htmlbut should be same as 70. I would double check all the connections on the plug that goes onto ignition switch, (are the wires locked into the block?) the pink wire going to term 3 is IGN 1, it gets power from BAT 1 during crank and run. You could disconnect the neutral or clutch safety switch plug, then turn key to run check for power on pink wire and then to start and check power n pink. Disconnecting the neutral/clutch safety switch will prevent the engine form starting while you are doing this, since it is after the ignition switch it will have no effect on you checking power as I outline to the pink wire.


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