Hard starting when warm


Dec 19, 2003
Long Island, NY
So I’m gathering his issue isn’t a starter dragging issue but a “turn over and over” issue when warm (no choke). Do you have two healthy squirts of gas if you look down the carb and open the throttle a couple of times? To get it to start do you have to give the throttle several pumps?
I usually give it one pump to start it when it’s warm


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May 2, 2009
Nevada City, CA
It sounds exactly like what my '78 Camaro does when it has been driven until fully warm, then parked and shut off for awhile. When I go to start it, it takes a few times to start, sometimes having to hold the pedal down while cranking. Sometimes after starting it will die if I am going too slow like thru a parking lot. This condition is worse the hotter the air temp is. I'm sure my problem is heat soak of the carb. I have just learned to live with it as it only happens to me during the hottest months.

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