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Head gasket blown?


Nov 8, 2022
Antifreeze is NOT a lubricant.

The cam could have been destroyed by the AF/Oil mix.
(Crank bearings are probably toast too. :( )

If the gaskets were good... You may have a crack somewhere which led to the milkshake mess inside.

A different engine might be the way to go because replacing parts and machine work on this one may not be cost effective.
I appreciate your help. Kinda new to all this, but I am trying. Already found plenty of sbc in my area for sale just a matter of $ now. From what I’m seeing, I think it’s time for a new engine all around.


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Oct 9, 2020
regardless what came first chicken or egg, THAT motor has to be completely gone thru.

? truly, what's your budget for motor alone? rebuild Or crate? budget?

? truly, what's your minimum requirement for gross hp at crankshaft (that's how most crates are rated)

? can you suffer about $4400 delivered for all brand new genuine all GM drop in roller cam motor with about 315 hp ?
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Apr 22, 2015
When they “rebuilt” the top end, the intake bolts were not torqued down, only hand tightened so there’s a possibility. Also since the day I got this car, it smoked blue smoke from the right passenger pipe, since all gaskets and valve seals were changed my only guess is that the rings are bad, that’s the only other thing (other than a crack in the block possibly).
There's the problem right there. It was sucking oil and coolant from day 1.

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