Headers that fit the steering shaft


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Apr 14, 2016
I had a buddy take a set of headers...(1 3/4 hookers) off his 71 camaro and install them on his 70 camaro.
H great clearance on the 71 but not so much when installed on his 70.
Whats different I asked him.
Turned out that a combo of things bit him in the ass such as... stock motor mounts vrs energy suspension and also a different part number on the engine mount stands.
My complaint with headers has always been the lack of room for spark plug sockets!
I have a drawer full of customized sockets that have made life better for me in that regard.

Twisted has it right... the ding wont cause you any grief performance wise for sure!


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Feb 4, 2003
I have Headman 66104 which is ceramic coated version of the 65104. I purchased them in February 2014 and steering shaft clearance is good. The hardest plug to change for me is #6. But a few are a PITA.


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Sep 8, 2015
the hooker headers #1 tube tucks behind instead of in front. (which i guess would push #3out a bit? ) thinking out loud i guess

X2, that's correct, the HSC 2117 routes #1 in behind 3 & 5, but does not really push #3 tube.

Also, they make changing plugs easy, especially on angle plug setups, hence the reason why I use these, and recommend them.

2117 left drv.jpg

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