Yellow 73 Z28

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Jun 27, 2001
jacksonville, florida, usa
I've been looking into some clubs here recently and have found none in J-ville. they are all around cape canaveral. I have also been looking into what it takes to start one up. I have friends to build a website and know alot of the crowd out at Automotive engineering and the other hangouts, plus I am on a pit crew out at Jax Raceways of the guy who's father owns the track and we are setting up streetcar shootouts every other week. If you are interested in setting up a club for north florida or think its a good idea write me back and I'll see what it takes and possibly do it myself.

I own a bright yellow 1973 Z28. I dropped a 400 ci small block Dart block with Dart II heads 2.02/1.60 valves, solid lift cam and 1.5 roller rockers pumping out 575 hp from the flywheel. It has a th 400 tranny and 3800 stall w/ B&M pro ratchet shifter. 3.53 gears. Competition Engineering Slide-a-Link traction bars. 3" weld drag lites up front and 10 1/2" weld drags in back. 4" cowl induction hood. I will soon have a pic posted so keep posted...

Kevin McKeown

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Mar 25, 1999
Satellite Beach, FL USA
Our club is pretty small, a few 1st gens and several nice 2nd gens, mostly 4th gens, but everyone is cool and respectful of each other's Camaro. Drop me an email if you want more info, I couldn't tell from your profile where you are located.

Original 71 SS 396(402)
TH400 3.42 posi 10 bolt
14 inch Rally Wheels
Added HEI, Edelbrock 1411, mild cam

eric emery

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Feb 28, 1999
st marys, ga., usa
I'm in Ga just north of Jax and in fact work in Jax and am very interested in meeting other Canaro guys and gals.

81 Berlinetta
305 smog motor was original but.....40 over 350 is so much easier and the headers sound great!


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Jan 19, 2001
Jacksonville, FL
Hey I am in Jax too and would love to start a club. There is North Florida F-Body, but they are almost exclusively 4th gens. I think there is one 1st. No seconds though.

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