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Discussion in 'High Tech Retrofits' started by Camaro16, Apr 20, 2011.

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    So I am doing a research paper on why newer muscle cars are a better drive train wise and was wondering if anyone knew of any book, magazine article or editorial that compare modern to classic drive trains. It can be high performance, efficiency or reliability concerned. Any suggestions are very appreciated.
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    I don't know what school you go to, but if your school has access to any online databases then look in those. There is a website/ database called "Books In Print" that will help you find any books that have been written about your topic, ever. You can also use Google Scholar to search for some articles. Use your librarian too-- he or she may not know an exact book that would help, but they would know how to search for you (it's what they get paid to do, and believe it or not, they went to school just for that).

    Also, there is an online database called "JSTOR" that I've used almost exclusively for my International Studies papers-- they have a variety of journal articles in many different dsiciplines.

    JSTOR and Books In Print might require a subscription by your school, so check it out and see what resources you have to work with. I've never written a paper on this topic, but I wish that I could have. It sounds awesome.

    Also, if you decide to Google books on this topic, look for books from REPUTABLE and well known publishers. There are many publishing companies that are what we call "Vanity Publishers" who will publish someone's book as long as they pay x amount of cash money. Typically, these books are pooty, not well researched and poorly written.

    Overall, have fun and check your sources. Don't be afraid to ask for help-- which it looks like you aren't. :)

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