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wayne scott

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Nov 4, 2019
On second thought, I don't think it is a subframe connectors removal since the welds are front to the rear bushings...

Any idea about the rear bumper? What are the bolts\ plastic clips that connect it?

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And one more question... There are a lot of openings at the bottom part of the front bumper. Specifically those 2 big openings. Is this alright? No risk of damaging the radiator?
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front bumper 2.jpg


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Apr 2, 2016
Jax Florida
In the service manual it doesn't really show what hold the bumper on, I just used small nut and bolt with very large washer so that you can move in or out to align the bumper up. (and it makes it easy if you need to take it off)
Probably plastic push plugs like new cars use. The rear would have had huge flat head Aluminum rivets. Could just use large push plug to substitute. Got to love the Custom body mounts.

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