HF Purple Gun Settings ?


Jun 11, 2004
Austin, Tx
Anyone have a setting they want to share on their HF Purple gun ? Will be shooting a single stage to redo my front spoiler. I will admit I have not used one of these guns before. The last gun I used was a Binks siphon type in the 80's. I figure I could not loose for $30 bucks. I don't really want to blow through a whole bunch of paint dialing it in. I will be shooting an acrylic enamel as that is what I have on hand. Its matched to the car already.

If there are other paints to shoot will try, but this is just touch up. Don't really want to blow $500 in paint and chemicals.


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Dec 29, 2000
load it with water, get a large pece of cardbord, spray away unteil you get the adjustment the way you like . And know what the gun can do.knot much help ,sorry Back to the top for you


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Jun 11, 2014
Waskom, TX
Gonna take more air pressure than you would use with a "good" gun. Just sayin'. I'd start with about 25-30 psi and go from there.


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Jul 26, 2008
Houston, TX
I used a purple gun for epoxy primer and it was ~25-30 psi at the gun, trigger was basically full pull, fluid was 2.5-3 turns off seat. You should not need much material to get it dialed in, esp for what you are doing.


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Dec 22, 2011
San Antonio Tx
I found that shooting a test pattern on the vinyl sheeting I made my paint booth with gave me the best idea of what it was going to shoot. I had 120 psi at the tank, 40 psi @ the water sperator & 25 psi at the gun.


May 13, 2013
New Mexico
I just through mine in the trash can. I couldn't get it to spray a decent amount of paint out of the nozzle. I had a good pattern but couldn't get enough paint to cover. it was too light and it seems like the paint was dry once it hit the panel.


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Sep 24, 2014
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Turn the air cap 90°. Hang a piece of masking paper on the wall. Put thinner in the gun and pull the trigger, aiming at the masking paper, about 8" to a foot away. this will tell you how wide your pattern is. Adjust from there how you want it. When you get the width where you want it, look at the pattern. if most of the thinner is toward the outsides of the pattern, turn the air down. It's blowing the material out of the center of the pattern. Start with 25-30 at the gun. This should be a good starting point, and eliminate striping with good spraying technique and overlap. Oh, and don't forget to turn your air cap 90° back before you start to spray!!! Good luck!

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