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    The mobile mechanic company I work for is looking to hire several Auto Mechanics in both NorCal and SoCal.
    This is mobile mechanic work, initially, you will be required to provide a vehicle, and paid for its use, case-depending (and not my decision) we are providing some techs with a branded company vehicle.

    These are W2 positions with benefits, PTO, and even stock options. No Flate-Rate BS. You will be paid a fair wage with incentives for efficiency.
    Our most immediate needs are in the SF Bay Area, but we are also hiring in the Central Valley, LA, and San Diego areas.

    Bay Area Listing

    San Diego Listing

    Los Angeles

    Learn more about the company here

    I've worked for the company for about a year (on the corporate side) and can say first hand, these are good people, who take good care of their staff

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