Hobart Mig Welder kit for $299.99 on Black Friday


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Mar 14, 2010
Auburn, IN
Not sure where I should post this, there's no "tool" forum or subforum so I thought I would post here. Mods, if you need to move it to a more proper forum. Anyhow.............

Since there's a lot of interest among car guys for a value priced mig welder I thought I would post this. For Black Friday Rural King has the Auto Arc 130 mig welder kit with regulator, cart, and helmet for $299.99. The Auto Arc 130 is manufactured, warranted, and serviced by Hobart. The reviews for the welder are great, the cart not so much. Seems the screws aren't big enough, easily fixed with bigger screws, or, use your new welder to weld the cart (a great way to try out your new welder).

If you have questions about specs or settings here's a link to the Auto Arc 130 owners manual.