Hotchkis BBC Lowering Springs


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Apr 10, 2012
Warner Robins, GA
Hey nobreaks254... I apologize.....after the springs not selling after a good while and doing several "bumps" I quit checking the post so I didn't see your inquiry last summer.

The cost of the springs new at Hotchkis and Summit is $263 now. If your interested at $190 shipped ($100 for the springs and $90 shipping) you can send me a money order and if the shipping ends up being more I'll eat it...and if by chance it's less than $90 I'll send u a copy of the receipt and the difference back in cash with the springs.

Shipping has gotten ridiculous and the weight of these springs don't help....and it'll be GA to SD.

If interested let me know and I'll give u my name/address so u can send me a money order then I'll send u the tracking number when shipped. Let me know....if not interested NP ...Thx....jeff

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