How do you know when it's time to sell your baby?

Discussion in 'The BS Topic' started by Jason7504, Aug 3, 2021.

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    I bought my 81 Camaro in 2008 and joined this forum shortly after. This forum and the Facebook group have been awesome. I would often see posts from people that are debating to sell their baby but I wasn't the type of person that always wants something new or a change. I never thought that I would even consider that however...

    This was my first car and I thought the car would outlive me. It does have sentimental memories and I really do enjoy the look of these cars. I have spent a lot of money modifying the car over the years and have enjoyed lots of track days with it. Although, recently I've pondered getting something newer for conveniences and improved track performance.

    BTW, other cars I'm considering so far:
    1. C6 Z06
    2. 2005-2008 Lotus
    3. S2000
    4. Camaro 1LE
    5. E36 M3
    6. 2015+ Miata RF
    It would be super hard to see her go after all these years but the thoughts have been popping up more often. It's not a daily driver but a 60% track/40% street toy. I don't even know if I truly want to/will sell her or if I'm just going through a state of boredom. How do you determine when it's time for something new?
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  2. BillyDean7173

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    That's a really tough question to answer when it involves a classic. If it's a daily driver, I get rid of them when they are on their last legs and I'm ready for a car payment again. So a pretty easy decision there.

    I have no plans of selling my Camaros for a very long time and certainly not for something newer like modern muscle or a sports car. But if I were to sell them, I suppose it would be because I'm getting too old and I want to buy a 1967 GTO before I die. Hell, I may still buy my goat and just finance it. Keep the Camaros. Too early to think about all that though.

    Considering it's your first car and all of the work you've done to it, I'd keep it. No question. Something newer may be nice, but that will wear off after a while and then either the remorse will set in about the newer car or the regret of selling your Camaro or both. Could be very hard to get your first car back, too if you change your mind.

    Looking at your list, I wouldn't think any of those cars would be difficult to find. You may be able to finance one and keep the Camaro. Drive the newer one around for a while, track it, and see if you miss driving the Camaro. If you don't miss it, then there's your answer.

    I guess I'm not qualified to answer your question directly so I'm just rambling. But my take is to figure out how I can keep what I have and still get a newer/different car. Have my cake and eat it, too. :D
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    Can't say when but IF make sure you have something ready to "replace" it in hand/readily available-can't count how many guys I've known took a wild cash offer only to find afterwards the "replacements" were hacked up junk not up to their standards at equally crazy pricing and they want their "baby" back.It sounds like you do your own work like many of us,most cars you see for "sale" are not done to the standard we recognize as they are done for 1 thing PROFIT.
    Only thing worse is get cash,sit on it and it slowly get siphoned of for kitchen remodel-new lawn tractor or a depriciable item like a bass boat if your not a serious fisherman [buddy did that] money is gone or significantly less and you can't replicate it again.-advice from a guy who's had his 72 since 1993 and wifey has 67 since 87 :).When I bought my 72 I also had a 70 chevelle I had owned since I was 16 it was a stretch for a couple months but I wanted to make sure it wasn't just emotions getting the best of me.The 70 went,I still think about her but my 72 is the car I always wanted/dreamed about-drew pictures of in study hall as a teen and I made the right choice! No rash decisions and best of luck!! Later Steve!
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    ^^^^Well said.
  5. Lowend

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    For me it’s this simple:
    Is the car mostly a joy, or a source of worry. If it’s the latter, it’s time to go
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    it depends on the car, ive had my 71 camaro since 78. But I've been threw a few projects, basically bought as rollers, got them running and drove them for a year or two then turned them loose. I still kick myself for selling my 67 el camino and my 71 nova. the 64, 66 and 70 el caminos didn't hurt that bad, but what I sold these running driving registered insured hotrods, I could never find a replacement for what I sold them for. That's one reason I've kept my 70 chevelle 454 4 speed 12 bolt etc. and my 66 chevelle 350 142 blower, 4 speed 12 bolt. I have been asked about the 66 and I just say 20k and it's yours.
    So, if you want to sell because your board, don't just give it away because you don't care for it anymore. when you go to replace it, you'll be surprised what that stack of cash won't buy. jim
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    Keep it and save up for a 2nd toy.
  8. Javelin3o4

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    I've contemplated selling my '71 many times. I've never even got to actually drive it. The most I ever got to drive it under its own power was to turn it around and then once to load it up on a flat bed to take it to get the exhaust installed. I've had it since probably 2004 or 2005 maybe. I just don't see myself getting to touch it til I get to move into a bigger house. I know if I sell it I will regret it, my dad tells me the same thing.
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    I sold my '79 early this year. I came to the point that I realized that as much fun as I had in building it, I wasn't driving it (there was always something that came up, hobbies change, etc). Do I regret selling the car? In some ways, yes, but I also know that there's always another car I can get.
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    if you are even THINKING about selling then the honeymoon is OVER...move on

    buy the car that makes your nuts tingle...clearly your Camaro isn't doing it for ya
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