How to convert to a posi


Jun 17, 2012
San Francisco, CA
sorry one last question. I want to know what the kit would be called? a rebuild kit, service kit?? I mean I don't want to order the wrong thing and yukons website isn't working for me and Toms differentials also doesn't show up. so I am kind of stuck. if someone is free can they maybe post a link to find these kits for converting the stock rear to a posi.
10 bolt
COC 2.73:1 (for gears)

big gear head

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Jul 30, 2001
It's an installation kit. It will have pinion and differential bearings, pinion and differential shims, pinion seal and nut, crush spacer, ring gear bolts, gasket, gear marking compound and thread locker. If you are replacing the axle bearings and seals you will need to get them too. They don't come in the installation kit. Call Randy's or Tom's and they will get you exactly what you need. Get their best kit, not the cheaper one.

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