I am in a bit of a jam and need some help on replacing my daily


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Mar 1, 2020
Looking around town here those Hyundais seem to run a long long time with no real maintenance and when they give out it's time for the scrap yard, zero resale value.
Exactly! I buy them new and run them til I give to a needy family or are fully depreciated. The current 07 sonata limited has been flawless (except for the paint with is losing the clear coat finally after sitting outside it’s whole life). oil and tires and now at 160k and tight and rattle free. Even the upholstery is like new.

was planning to replace it last year with a telluride or pallasades but with the mfg shortages, no one will get me a decent price. Maybe next year…..


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Mar 2, 2001
Where I am moving, I need clearance. Those Hyundai's are too low for me. I like how this Honda is about 8 inches of clearance.

Re: my Oldsmobile, I creased the drivers door and the rear quarter on the same side as it slide along side the tree. At the rear quarter, it dented the characteristic body line. In addition to that, the roof needs to be repaired and the landau roof which I did replace, needs to be removed to repair the underlying rot. Also the driver's side floor needs replacing and the rear frame rail on the passenger's side needs to be repaired. Lastly, the rear inner bumper support needs to be replaced. So as you can see, a good amount of $ is needed. If I had spare cash, I don't mind repairing it, mainly because I do enjoy driving that car. I got too much going on right now to worry about that now. Just getting the Honda caught up in maintenance. I also need to get my driver's linkage repaired and wiper motor replaced on the Camaro.

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