I got scammed by a guy.


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May 21, 2008
Hamptonville N.C.
With your predetermined disposition and aggressive stance, I don't see this going anywhere on this site. To me - you're the one that's the problem.
I'm the problem cause I sent a original set of 70 Z gauges to a guy. That's saying I sent him a set of junk gauges out of a 79 or 80 Camaro. An I'm trying to find people that has actually had him do work. I don't care what you have read on here. Tell me how I'm the problem? I'm the one that has lost my original set of nice gauges.


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Nov 4, 2004
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As I said in my first post, Daniel has done work for me. Gauges from 79 are very distinct, do you have pictures that Daniel sent back to you?

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Aug 9, 2002
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13 years on Nasty and never heard anything but praise for Daniel's work, this is definitely weird.

Same here....and I've been on this site for over 20 years. Gotta wonder what the real story is with this, something smells rotten


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Sep 1, 2018
post the picture you have of your gauges, and post the picture you got back
because right now I just see words for a witch hunt with no evidence

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Nov 2, 2002
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No one here is going to DOX him and give out personal information. You know where you sent them, file a police report for fraud and let them handle it.


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Oct 6, 2005
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Yuup I have a nice set he did for me and spoke on the phone during the whole process.
Did you take pics of "your" guages before sending them out? If so pristine I know I would have but that's just me.
GL I am sure Daniel wouldn't ruin a 20+ yr reputation at this point for a guage cluster.


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Jun 29, 2009
I have talked to him. He is trying to blow smoke up my ass. I talked to another guy that lives in that area. He says he has never knew or heard of him doing this kind of work. I have pictures of what I sent him. It's far from the junk he is trying to tell me I sent. What is his last name?
Post up the pictures.