I guess i expect too much


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Mar 1, 2020
Well they must of used a pretty good grade of stainless for this "marketing gimmick" because after 20 years of New England winters the only exhaust component I have had to replace was a hanger and some fasteners at the converter flange.
Yeah, some applications are perfectly fine but 409 and 410 ss develop a rust film. They definitely are more rust resistant than plain steel and do well in many applications such as exhaust tubing. Where they fail miserably is in gas bbqs. The combination of salts from cooking, heat, and grill debris cause them to perforation corrode after a few years. 304 on the other hand looks like new years later in the same application. Many cheap bbqs tout “all stainless construction” but only use 304 on the lids and grills. Always take a magnet when shopping for a new grill!

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