I know this gives all of us a warm fuzzy:

Phil G

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May 3, 2004
Tucker, GA, USA
Don't you LOVE a new set of tires?!

Just had new shoes put on both of my Grand Prix's! Broke down and had a mobile installer from Tire Rack bring them and put them on in my driveway. Figured it was easier than having them shipped here and schlepping them to a local tire shop (they all suck anyway).

The old tires were General Altimax HP which is a directional tire much like the old Goodyear Gatorbacks. Old ones had 75% tread depth but were dry rotting. Don't know why, the ones on the '99 GTP were only 11 years old and the ones on the '05 GT2 were 9! ;)

New ones are Goodyear Assurance Weather Ready all season "touring". Kinda "semi-directional" as the tread varies from outside to inside, and they can be cross rotated unlike the other ones that could only be moved front to back and back to front (unless you had them remounted, which nobody ever does).

Amazing difference! The sidewalls and tread getting stiffer and nasty kinda sneaks up on you over time. They both feel like entirely different cars now!

225/60-HR16 BTW ($$$$$$)!



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Feb 12, 2011
atlanta, ga
Given I have been in 1/2 ton trucks for some 30 yrs...it is absolutely amazing what new shoes does for the ride. Both trucks rolled on Cooper 35" AT's and while they do/will/have ran 60,000 miles.... a rebalance every yr and replaced at around 45k keeps the fillings in my teeth and the kidneys from getting sore. After around 45-50k ...you just WANT a new set as the ride diminishes so bad (NOT that YOU KNOW) it is like a new truck when they put on the new rubber.