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Nov 3, 2015
Did anybody make it to 7:30 in the video to see why you only run full frame cars in derbys? Back in the early 90s around here the Modified class in dirt track started to take off- The cars had spec tires a $500 motor buy out it was a good class to start out racing. The problem with the class- they had to use a stock sub frame from a F body or Nova then tube chassis back. I can not count how many good Camaro's had the sub frame taken out and the shell crushed- That and the street stock class racers loved the Chevy leaf spring cars of the 70s mainly Camaro's and Nova's. Then wath was left Cash for Clunkers took care of the rest.

On a driffrent note if you like derby's check out the 3 day event at Ross County fair grounds in Chillicothe Ohio. Here is a link to one of the best with no sandbaggers in the class

or head across the pond ( some real idiots here)

If that is not your taste check out the down hill barbie jeep racing for some good laughs

Barbie jeep racing is frickin' hilarious.


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Sep 29, 2017
I nearly cried when I watched the black Charger get trashed in the Fast and Furious movie.
Just hate seeing these old classics be destroyed.

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