Ice storm Topped my trees

Discussion in 'Oklahoma Region' started by jeff swisher, Oct 26, 2020.

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    Yes you are darn close to that the instructions stated 200 amps max.
    I have 1/0 wire hooked to it and then to a car battery and that car battery is hooked to another car battery and every now and then you must start the car. To run the House in Moore we only used 1 15 amp outlet and never pulled more than that.
    I have ran my Lincoln migpack 100 with gas on it many times.
    I can run a chop saw and 1/2" drill at the same time off of it and never trip it.

    I have ran a 5000 BTU window unit with it that was mounted in the back of my full size Ford Van.
    2 Batteries and the alternator was only a 67 amp unit never pulled near that amperage to run the AC unit.

    It will pull a small amount of juice while at rest though so I unhook it if not in use.
    The key is 2 or more good batteries.

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