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    1966 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu, 2 Door, hard top

    Please read all of the details here, there are a bunch of them. I bought the car in 2002 as a Pro Street, back half car, I drove this all over the place & raced it locally. It is super consistent, & a lot of fun to drive. I have the original Black CA tags on the car. It has a 1968 Caprice 427, BBC with Oval Port heads, some cam, domed pistons, Car ran 6.40’s in the 1/8 with 180 HP Nitrous plate. I decided I wanted to go with a single turbo & started buying all of the other parts to move over to that combination. I have lost the motivation to finish the turbo project, so I'm selling everything as an unfinished project. Please note that the car now has a new GlassTek Cowl induction hood on it, not the hood with the forward facing scoop.

    I'm selling the car as it sits & EVERYTHING I have goes with it. It will be a really cool street car when its done with LOTS of power & will cruise on pump gas all day long. If it does not sell as is, I will put the motor back together & sell it as a running hot rod & then part out all of the pieces I've collected over the years. I put a new Optima in it and got all of the lights & blinkers & everything all fixed up. I wired in the MSD 7531 & tested it to make sure it worked. All that’s left to get the turbo configuration done is put a set of pistons & cam in it & finish up assembling the fuel system & sheet metal in the trunk. To get the car running again naturally aspirated, it needs new valve seals in the GM heads, a gasket set & some headers. There are a bunch of other parts that are not listed that also go with the car, I just hit the highlights.

    I'm asking $25K for everything. I am not willing to sell off any of the parts. I might be willing to deliver, depending on distance. The car is located in San Diego, California. [email protected].

    I posted a BUNCH of pictures of everything on my website. There are 2 pages of the stuff that is included with the sale of the car. If you need more pictures of anything let me know, I can get to most of it rather easily. The OEM Dash is 100% there & complete.

    Trans #1: TCI Th400. Worked GREAT behind nitrous motor.

    Trans #2: JW Trans Th400 & BUILD SHEET (new). UltraBell, Deep Pan, Trans Brake, HD Main Shaft (see receipt).

    Converter built for the JW Trans & 1500 HP Turbo car.

    Ford 9”, 4.10 Gear, spool, Strange aluminum center section setup by ART. Approximately twenty, 1/8th mile hits. Alston double adjustable shocks & springs (New).

    TRZ Tubular A-Arms (New), with QA1 R Series, coil over single adjustable shocks (New) and Springs (New).

    Heads #1: GM Oval port heads.

    Heads #2: AFR Heads (New), w/Ferrera Stainless Valves (New).

    Crower Shaft Rockers for AFR Heads (New)

    Turbonetics, T6 GT 88mm Turbo (New), Custom made Stainless Hot Side (New), 4” downpipe, two 4” V-Bands (new) & Tubing.

    CSU 850 Blow Through carb with dual feed bowls (New). Intake tube with TiAl Blow Off Valve (New) & Silicone hoses & stainless clamps.

    Crank #1: GM 427 Crank (still in motor)

    Crank #2: Keith Black Billet Crankshaft, 3.755 stroke (New). Mag’d & checked, ready to install.

    Crank #3: GM 454 Crank, 10/10, Checked & ready to use.

    Painless wiring harness, Lights & blinkers all work. Led running lights & tail lights.

    Fuel Cell (New), Battery (New), & H2O box in trunk with trans cooler built in, Magnafuel ProStar 500 fuel pump. New Braided hoses & ends for fuel system. Sheet metal to finish trunk. TONS of Fittings & hoses to finish fuel system.

    Glasstek, Cowl induction hood (new), deck lid (new) & cowl (New). Quick Latch sets for hood & deck lid (new).

    ATI Flex Plate (New) & Super Dampener (New).

    2 Stage boost controller from Brian Brown (BBR Racing).

    Jesel Belt Drive (New Belt & Seals).

    Cleko set (New).

    CSI Carbon Fiber TH400 shield (New, but expired cert).

    Eagle Rods with L19 Bolts (New)

    Intercooler with 1000+ HP, Bell Core. Water pump for intercooler.

    Innovative Waste Gate. Custom Copper WG & T6 flange gaskets

    Moroso 22163 Billet wet stump oil pump.

    MSD & Holley Wire sets

    MSD 7531 Ignition system (bought from friend, tested @ MSD and Tested in car).

    MSD 8251 HVC Coil.

    MSD 7555 Synch & Misc Cables

    MSD 8998 Buzz Box (New)

    Parachute & License plate mounts for car (New)

    Parachute spring Launcher & Mounting kits (New). Stroud Parachute (New).

    Window net (New). Wing strut kit (New).

    RCI Jacket & Bell Helmet. RJS 5 point Camlock belts.

    Alignment & front end tools (New).

    Sheet metal valve covers (New).

    Snow H2O injection system.

    Stroud 10 Lb Fire system with Push & Pull activation heads & cables (New).

    TRZ Anti-Roll bar with bushed, grease-able housing ends, Heim Joints to replace Rod Ends (all New).

    Wheelie bars with new Rod Ends.

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    Say it ain't so...
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    Visited your site, too bad for you you have lost your drive. What a steal....if i haven't had my project, I would seriously consider contacting you. Good luck with the sale!
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    Nice car. Reminds my of Danny Scott's Chevelle he ran in Fastest Street Car back in the 90s.
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    you keeping the STANDS?:rolleyes:
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    Ah man...somebody will be getting a great car. Hate to see you sell it after all you have done with it.

    Manny! that question was cold, BTW...those aren't stands, they are Maliboosters!.....LOL
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    How much for:

    Trans #2: JW Trans Th400 & BUILD SHEET (new). UltraBell, Deep Pan, Trans Brake, HD Main Shaft (see receipt).

    Converter built for the JW Trans & 1500 HP Turbo car.

    Crank #2: Keith Black Billet Crankshaft, 3.755 stroke (New). Mag’d & checked, ready to install.
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