IME suffix code?

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    I bought a 56 Vette that had a “replacement” motor in it.

    3914678 block casting, 3782461 camel hump heads. Flint, 8/2/68

    The block casting number leaves me to believe it’s a 302, 327, or 350 block. I’m going with 327 with these heads.

    I can’t find “IME” as a suffix anywhere. I am finding “IM”, which tells me a junk 350 from a taxi.

    Does anyone have any insight on the “E”?


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    The heads are camel hump heads made in 1965. The block is 1968. In the 60s, Chevy used only 2 letters to identify the blocks with the single exception of a couple of situations in 1966 where they had the same coded cars with Rochester and Holley carbs. On those cars, they added either an H or an R after the 2 letter code. This block isn't one of them.
    Knowing that they used only 2 letters in 1968, I'm going to guess that this block is coded ME which is a 1968 Camaro 210hp 327. If that is true, the letter I should actually be number 1 making it August 21.
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