Incorrect Fisher tag?


Mar 9, 2018
Nawf Cackalacky
Hey guys! So I pulled the trigger on the 72 project I was looking at.

The Fisher tag shows the paint code as 57 T - which should be Golden Brown with a Covert vinyl top. The car's been repainted red and the vinyl top removed. But inside the doors, that paint color sure looks more like Placer Gold to me. Both doors and door jambs have this color. So either it got painted wrong at the factory or the tag has been replaced. Which do you think? The tag *is* riveted on to the cowl. Not sure what that gunk is on the rivets... I don't really care either way. Don't think I'm going back to either of those colors anyway!



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Mar 9, 2018
Nawf Cackalacky
Yeah - I was thinking it may have been swapped out. But who *wants* a Brown/Covert tag on their car without RS/SS/Z28 options? The VIN (1Q87F2NXXXXXX) shows the car is a '72 307, plus it has a column shift - neither of which are *really* desirable. Perplexing, but whatever. Like I said, it'll be a restomod anyway, so this is the perfect car for it. Not like it would lose any value because it doesn't match the tag.

70 SS/L78

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May 5, 2005
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What you're seeing is sealer pushed into the rivet hole. This was done at the factory. It was standard practice at the Van Nuys plant on 70 & 71 Camaro's but not very common at Norwood. I have seen very few Norwood cars with sealer/putty in the rivet holes. I'm sure if you pulled out the putty you would see the factory rivets.

I agree it is odd about the color though.


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Apr 14, 2016
Any chance the doors are off another car?
A good place to check for original body color is under the stainless seal retainer at the roof. (where the top off the window seals when rolled up)

Rich Schmidt

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Mar 27, 2010
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That looks like Golden Brown to me. Way too dark to be Placer gold. With older paint like that your best bet would be to clean it really well and put a coat of wax on it. That will give you a look at it when it was new.