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Nov 3, 2015
I am fortunate my employer gave pretty much everybody in the company a cost of living type pay raise to start this year (season actually) off. i have a company vehicle to and from work, so my gas usage is really pretty low to begin with. Gas is what i put in the hot rods to make them go, so i right it off to the hobby, and dont get too wrapped up about it. Food has gone up 12%. i know this because i pretty much by the same thing, week in, and week out.


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Mar 23, 2014
Ocala, Florida
I am a proud Republican, US of A red meat eater, and I say the cattle and other livestock
need to be tended to with a loving hand and encouraging word or two. And God save the ice cream!!! LOL!!!


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Feb 4, 2003
I bought a medium bottle of pvc primer and and glue and it was $18 dollars! Last hardware trip I needed a single gang double light switch and that was $14. Used to buy all three of those for <$14.

Brought my 06 Cobalt out of the cobwebs as it gets around 33mpg. I drive 62 miles round trip so that saves $5 per day. Don't eat out as much which is bad for restaurants and servers!

73Z L92

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Jan 25, 2011
Carlos, MN
The manufacturing company I used to work for typically had one price increase per year at around 2-3%. In 2021 -2022 they had 4 to keep up with the price increase for materials and labor.


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Jun 17, 2006
The only thing I have changed is going racing less and it's not because gas is so high, it's because I have too much other stuff to do. Other than that I have been doing the same things since 2019.


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Aug 1, 1999
Trouble with the bonds is you have to keep them for a year minimum, the rate adjusts pretty often, and you lose 3 months interest if not held for 5 years. Still a pretty good investment right now. I think my savings account pays 0.0004 cents on the dollar. And the buy and sell are online, no more waiting in a bank to cash in those old bonds.

Nate p.

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Aug 22, 2019
It's no secret that prices are going up fast. I'd like to know how you guys feel it is affecting you. Food and fuel seem to be the two biggest things that affect us every day. For me, the increase in food prices hits me the hardest. I can cut back on driving and that cuts back on gas costs, but cutting back on food isn't as easy. Yes, energy prices for heating and electricity are up too, and again that is difficult to cut back on. I did some serious energy saving changes to my house 20 years ago, so that helps, but I can't do much more.

Any of us "old" folks saw this same thing 40 years ago and we managed to get through it so I don't see any problem getting through it again this round. The economy has its ups and downs, and if you are lucky enough to live long enough, you get to see it multiple times.

So, I just try to cut out the unnecessary things and buy my food wisely. I won't starve to death, but I might complain about prices. As long as I have meat, potatoes, and ice cream, I'm OK.

I'm not buying much in the car parts category so the increases in that area aren't affecting me.
It doesn't hurt me to much gas prices and some food items are higher than I would like but if you're in construction the costs have gotten killer. My dad is on his pension like some of you and he decided to build his own house 5 years ago. He just got really into it last year and wood has doubled here in Washington state. Something that cost $30 now cost 60+. He is kinda wishing he didn't retire when he did and saved up a little more. I am actually going back up to help with some concrete work for his second floor.

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