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Jun 29, 2009
I changed jobs in December to get a 40% raise, I'm expecting a 10% raise at the end of the year along with a job title change.
I just did the same thing(started last month)! Just the transfer alone I was at a 42% raise... I am hoping within the next few months I will get a 3.5 then next year a 7% plus the "cost of living" raise on top of those. My wife is also getting nearly a 15 percent raise because she decided to change jobs as well.
Crazy how one year could change all that when you think about it.

Now.. I should start building an LT4 like you're doing LOL


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Jul 5, 2007
It's killing me when I go to a truck shop.They think I'm loaded or something then they don't even fix it right.Now I need drive tires.3700 to 6 grand now for decent to the best


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Here in my town I have the Camaro and a 2006 cobalt I paid 640$ in 2017 and its in ok condition. In order to save I use my bike I paid 75$ From a friend. I cycle 20 minutes to work when it doesnt rain. Seems to work. Food and gas is the main issue. I cut back on gas so I can eat more quality. I never cut back on quality anyways. I work in a big food chain similar to Publix in the US. Alot of clients that come to my store buy nothing but the specials and junk food including mountains of soft drinks. Im planing on buying a duplex in spring. Hopefully there will be more homes for sale for decent prices. If you live close to work, your very lucky in these times. I dont want to be mean but a big recession would help me get property since I have money ready to invest.


Sep 14, 2019
My wife and I both work for the local public school system. We're mid-career, so not at the top of the salary scale, but not at the bottom either. We've been fortunate in many ways, and I've made some good investment calls that have paid off for us. However, while I'm not pinching pennies, I also hate waste or overpaying for stuff and we're adjusting as much as possible. My F-150 has gotten an extra 2 MPG this summer when gas spiked with some extra air in the tires and a little more conscious driving on my part. We spent the summer moving to a new house, so time has been a factor and we've been buying many of the prepared meals at our local Sam's Club. They haven't gone up as much as everything else, and provide a decent dinner for 4-5 people for as little as $11, all while trying to eat out less. We are definitely watching prices and buying things when they go on sale and avoiding them entirely when they are not unless they are absolutely necessary. We're fortunate, and can absorb the increases more than most, but that doesn't mean we aren't willing to adjust to save money where we can. After all, car parts, like college, aren't getting any cheaper either.


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Aug 24, 2002
Garwood, NJ, USA
As the OP said, we saw this before. I remember the Carter era. It was bad. This is much, much worse and it isn't done getting worse yet. The late 1970s, when our cars were newish or just built, saw the invention of the locking gas cap. It was the first time that rampant, nationwide gasoline theft was a common crime. Home mortgages went up as high as 18%. Iran held Americans hostage for 444 days, until Jan. 21, 1980. Long gas lines, odd or even plates, and fill-up days.
My parents, me, and my sibling used to eat out for $5.00: $1 for a burger, and $0.25 for a soda. I remember the first time the menu prices had increased beyond that and $5 wouldn't do it. It was $10 for four not long afterward. Now it is $35+ for two depending on where you go. The political decisions being made now are the same ones that were being made then, multiplied by immense amounts of technology.

The solutions are both the same: conserve, persevere, and all new: get educated about how to use the market changes to leverage in your favor.

Hunting season opens in a month here. Fill the freezer.
Sell things you don't need and be ready to take advantage of deals for the future.
Best wishes.

73Z L92

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Jan 25, 2011
Carlos, MN
My wife and I are retired. It's been 5 years. We both worked hard over the years. Saved and invested. We live in the lakes area of MN so we just hang out around here all summer.
This morning we took a breakfast cruise of about 60 miles round trip in the convertible to a small town with a great little diner. We try to hit the smaller places that need some customers during the week. We do this a couple times a week.
Has inflation hurt us, No not really. I think the folks that are taking it in the shorts are those with long commutes. Around here gas has come down to $3.89 per gallon. Is it weird that gas prices slightly below $4.00 feel good?
Around here I could walk into almost any business and get a job at least $18-20 per hour. Not going to happen.

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