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Dec 7, 2014
It's no secret that prices are going up fast. I'd like to know how you guys feel it is affecting you. Food and fuel seem to be the two biggest things that affect us every day. For me, the increase in food prices hits me the hardest. I can cut back on driving and that cuts back on gas costs, but cutting back on food isn't as easy. Yes, energy prices for heating and electricity are up too, and again that is difficult to cut back on. I did some serious energy saving changes to my house 20 years ago, so that helps, but I can't do much more.

Any of us "old" folks saw this same thing 40 years ago and we managed to get through it so I don't see any problem getting through it again this round. The economy has its ups and downs, and if you are lucky enough to live long enough, you get to see it multiple times.

So, I just try to cut out the unnecessary things and buy my food wisely. I won't starve to death, but I might complain about prices. As long as I have meat, potatoes, and ice cream, I'm OK.

I'm not buying much in the car parts category so the increases in that area aren't affecting me.
As Gary and others have said, I just cut out unnecessary stuff. My other strategy is to just keep working while I'm healthy enough to do so. The "dream" of retiring and doing nothing is a fallacy. I have a retirement pension from a 31 year career, but I started a small home run business and just started another full time job. There is money out there if you want it.
Kids are mostly independent, we dont waste money, but I buy the things I want.
I think there are lots of hidden money wasters in all our lives that we can find if we look hard enough.


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Nov 3, 2015
I have been picking up my groceries at the Giant grocery store now for like 2 years or so. i love it, i really hate food shopping. Basically, i buy almost the same stuff every week. i havent seen massive upticks in the price of things i buy.
The farmers market i get all my fruits and veggies from......its like time stands still in there. i can still get 2 huge bags of produce for $7.00.

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