Interested in this 73 Z28, few questions...


Jun 3, 2021
What if it was ordered without stripes. Below is from the decoding trim tags page:

If the car was a Z28 the number next to the code is the stripe code. The stripe code corresponds with the year paint code. Blank = no stripes. 19 = black, 10 or 11 = white.

Dave Nelson

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Dec 19, 2003
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How are you getting that # considering it's condition? and not a confirmed Z28? I have seen much nicer cars in the $30K arena. I have seen some really nice cars on FB for $30-$35K. The new owner of that car will need to drop a couple thousand into the interior.
Based on the recent inspection from the buyer and his opinion on condition I still say the $28000 is a good buy. If you find nicer original cars with docs for $30000 please post them as I have room for another one.


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May 4, 2001
I think a lot of folks get hyper focused on the asking prices and think that’s the market. Look at the selling prices….heck the car isn’t even a RS or has any of the trim. Looks like a quick flip to me.

I bet if the OP went back to seller and pointed out some of the concerns and work required, he could get a better deal. Obviously with the $30k asking price their is some hesitation. With a car that needs new interior and paint…I would cut him down to $18k and see what he says. I bet you can settle in the low 20s.

If you have $20k in cash, it’s hard to say no.
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