Interested in this 73 Z28, few questions...


Mar 31, 2007
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Somebody on this forum posted this picture of a 1972 with spoiler delete a couple days ago, kind of hard to tell but it does look like a foil sticker.


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Mar 23, 2014
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^^^^ 1973 was a very odd year. It seems they were using alot of leftover
parts from previous years. We do see some odd combinations on our cars.


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Jul 1, 2008
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Second Generation Camaro Owners Group - Camaro Emblems, Decals and Stripes

The following information describes the emblems, decals & stripes. While this describes what's "correct" - be skeptical when trying to identify a car by the emblems. Emblems are easily added - so just because a car has "Z28" or "SS" emblems on it, doesn't make it the real thing.

1970 - 1973 Summarized
All Models recieved header panel emblems. The 1970 Header Emblem was chrome. The only year this emblem was used. In 1971 to 1973 a Red Header Emblem was used.

Base Models recieved "Camaro" script fender emblem.
Base models and cars not equipped with a rear spoiler recieved trunk lid emblems. The trunk lid emblem in 1970 was specific to this year. In 1971 it was revised and used until 1973.

"Camaro" script on fenders and trunk. (complete story on this).
V8 cars got CID identification on fender (except Z28).

Rear/Trunk emblem depended if equipped with spoiler or not. The only emblem bolted onto a spoiler was "Z28". If the car was a non-Z28 equipped with a spoiler the rear emblem would usually be deleted.

Base model with RS option.
Camaro script fender emblem replaced with RALLY SPORT fender emblem.

1970 - 1972 Super Sport SS emblems on the grill & fender. If the car had the RS option, No emblem was on the grill. There was not a SS emblem on the rear of the car either. Big Block (396) SS Camaro had rear panel painted black.

1970 - 72 Z28, and 1973 Z28 without Type LT.
Grill emblem used, even if combined with RS option.
1972 & 1973 Z28 rear "emblem" is actually a foil decal.

1973 Type LT emblems are unique. They are located on the right side of the front valence, rear sail panel and rear light panel. If the Type LT was combined with the Z28 option, the Type LT emblems trumped or replaced any external Z28 identification.

Z28 Hood & Deck striping (1970 - 73)
NOTE: The Super Sport option COULD NOT be combined with the Z28 option. Thus it's impossible to have a SS/Z28. You could get one or the other. The "racing" or "runway" stripes are Z28 options only. Some people get confused and call these the "SS" stripes, but the SS didn't come with hood and deck striping, only the Z28 did.
The striping was specific for the standard nose car, and the Rally Sport nose car. The rear striping was dependant upon if the car had a spoiler or not.

1974 - 1977 Summarized
The 1974 Camaro was the only car which used a grill emblem as opposed to having an emblem on the header panel. The fender emblems were identical to the previous years "Camaro" script.

Type LT got a new for 1974 "Type LT" emblem on sail panel and rear panel. This emblem was used until 1977.

Roughly half of the 1974 Z28s opted for the wild or loud D88 graphics. When this happened, there was no additional "Z28" emblems on the car.

1975 - 1977 Sport Coupe Camaro

All 1975 to 1977 Camaros had header emblems. The fender emblem was redesigned in 1975 and used until 1977. This emblem was steel and secured to the fender with barrel nuts.

The 1977 Z28 recieved a special graphics/decal package that replaced all external emblems on the car, EXCEPT the header emblem. The header emblem was keyed to the color of the car. The bumper was painted the same color as the body. A unique, plastic grill emblem was included in the package.
View: 1977 Z28 Stripe Placement - exploded diagram

1975 - 1977 Z85 Rally Sport - external paint/appearance package.

1978 - 1981 Summarized
With the new urethane nose cover, there is no longer a header panel emblem. Any emblems are now contained on the grill. Grill emblem: 1978 | 1979 | 1980 & 81.
The grill and trunk emblem design is the same from front to rear, but the emblems are physically different so they'll fit either the grill or the fuel door.
The fender emblem was again redesigned. It's now chrome plated plastic and bonded to the fender with glue.

The 1978 Z28 was structurally overhauled, but the graphic package remained similar to the 1977 Z28. The new fuel door required a specific for 1978 rear emblem which matched the grill emblem.

The 1979 Z28 recieved a new 2 hue decal graphics package. It used the standard 1979 Camaro grill & fuel door emblems. This package is unique to 1979.
View: Side view | 1979 Z28 Stripe Placement - exploded diagram

The 1980 & 81 Z28 recieved a revised, 3 hue decal graphics package that replaced all external markings on the car. It included a matching plastic grill & fuel door emblem.
View: Side View | Stripe color Combinations | 1980 - 81 Z28 Stripe Placement - exploded diagram

Jump to:
Front End Emblems | Fender Emblems | Rear Emblems | Stripe Kits
1970 - 73 Z28 Kits | 1974 Z28 | 1977 Z28 | 1978 Z28 | 1979 Z28 | 1980 - 81 Z28
1970 - 72 SS Kits | Emblem Kits (RS/SS/Z28)

Emblem, Decals & Stripes FAQ
Emblem & Decal Placement(s)
Engine Air Cleaner - Decal
Radiator Shroud - Decal
Sun Visor - Decal
Header Panel - Emblem
Fender - Emblem
Grill - Emblem
Rear/trunk.... More goodies for the FAQ (Z28 sticker or emblem).

Template for drilling Z28 fender emblem.

Emblem method of attachment

Older emblems are screwed on via cap screws or speed or barrel nuts.
Newer Emblems are glued on with adhesive, or were decals.

Related Components
Chrome trim & Molding
Horn Button Inserts
Wheel caps & Inserts


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Jun 20, 2002
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V8 cars got CID identification on fender (except Z28).
This tid bit from above is incorrect. 307 cars didn't have CID identification. Only 350 and 396 cars.


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Feb 17, 2000
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Not that this matters, two 72's on Ebay right now, both decals on rear spoiler.
One car is a restored Rick Hendrik car, not that that matters either.
I read years ago the 72 got the rear spoiler Z decal, not emblem and Ive been convinced of that ever since.



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May 4, 2001
Not that this matters, two 72's on Ebay right now, both decals on rear spoiler.
One car is a restored Rick Hendrik car, not that that matters either.
I read years ago the 72 got the rear spoiler Z decal, not emblem and Ive been convinced of that ever since.

Not saying one way is true or not, but you see a few 72 Camaros with the decal, so it must be fact 72 used a decal? That’s a hard assumption…look at all 70-73 Camaros that have a mixed bag of incorrect stuff. Unless it’s a unrestored original car, you won’t know for sure. The end of 72 they may have started with the foil and 73 became full production, but the archives say 73 was the change.


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Mar 23, 2014
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Not that this matters, two 72's on Ebay right now, both decals on rear spoiler.
One car is a restored Rick Hendrik car, not that that matters either.
I read years ago the 72 got the rear spoiler Z decal, not emblem and Ive been convinced of that ever since.

Does it make a difference whether with the short or tall spoiler? The reason I ask is all of the decal cars seem to have the tall spoiler. My 73 has the short spoiler with an emblem. The above specs do not mention short vs tall.


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May 21, 2014
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I've always wondered why GM used a foil decal just for the spoiler. They used emblems for the rest of the car. Was there a shortage or something? Or was it a case of trying to save a buck? One of my buds here suggested that maybe GM used a foil decal to introduce the idea of decals like what was used on the 74Z. Perhaps a stretch, but I don't recall other theories on the subject.

As far as the year of decal introduction, the 71 assembly manual says emblem in the beginning of the manual, yet at the end of the manual says decal with a part number. Hmmm . . . but that little nugget has been brought up here before.

I used an emblem on my tall (3-piece) spoiler for the 73Z because it looks better and makes more sense to me. GM didn't always do what should have been done. They used an idiot light for your oil pressure, but gave you a clock. I corrected that, too with an oil pressure gauge from Daniel at Gauge Marks.


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