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Jun 12, 2011
Well let me start by saying I'm about as educated on rear end swaps as a rock teaching a physics class.

I recently got my hands on a 79 camaro. Got a steal of a deal on on a 2012 ss complete rear end. I'd like to try to get that bad boy under it.

What kind of crazy would I be getting into for modifications?


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May 4, 2001
I commend folks that go this far on a 50 year old car. I totally get the kits out there with some fabrication and welding, that's not too hard but retrofitting an IRS is a job!

Before jumping into it, just make sure youre not over your head and realize it will never perform like the modern donor. If your chasing that, you will spend 3-4x the money. Also I have not seen anything dramatic from retrofitted IRS cars. Solid axle cars perform just the same so because on the bang for the buck


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Aug 17, 2010
Fort Mcmurray, Alberta
Roamer90 I like the way you think. I have also been wondering about retrofitting the IRS from a 5th gen in my 80Z. I can pick up the rear assembly pretty cheap. It would definitely take a lot of fabrication but I think it is doable. All depends how much effort a guy wants to put into it.

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