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    Aug 3, 2005
    cedar knolls, new jersey,usa
    I have recently became an owner of 1977 camaro. the car runs great but has a good amount of rust. Both quarter panels are rusting near rocker, the trunk has two rusted areas where the gas tank straps are mounted and the drivers side floor front and rear have two areas. The car was given to me for nothing and i am not sure if it is worth trying to bring it back to life. Can anyone give me an idea what it might cost to have some of this work done and someone in the north jersey area that might not be to costly.
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    It really depends on a few things:
    Is it only the outer sheet metal or is there inner panel or frame damage?
    Can you do the work yourself? can you weld? how much time do you have? Do you want show or street quality? Patch panels are not that expensive. Check or NPD catalogs. Some pics might be helpful. I have a 74. Also, I work in E Hanover. Where in Cedar Knolls are you?

    ...Maybe one of the mods will move this to the Camaro Questions topic so it gets some responses...

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    I recently moved out of Denville,to Pa.,but still work in your area-Alliance Paint and Body,in Mine Hill NJ.(973)252-9111.I would be happy to take a look

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