Is there a better way than jacking up your car to work under it?


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Jun 1, 2005
Scott from Hamilton, NJ
Ceiling height is my issue. I almost went maxjack, but I suspect I'd need concrete work so it really wasn't budget ready for me

it will work with Camaros between sub frame and rear leaf spring perch
just remember when lifting it does not go straight up but will move forward or backward when lifting depending which direction it is set up
if in average garage as lifting may hit door as it it rising and put air in cylinders for proper lowering
I put magnets on locking arms to stay up when lowering
I'm going to steal that magnet idea, thanks! I wish the controller cable was longer (or wireless). when the warranty is up i think i may extend it.
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May 28, 2018
the 7000 may fit better I have the 5000 ,one of the first models ,they have changed over the years


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Jan 28, 2012
Victoria, BC
I did a motor swap on my '97 (removes from the bottom) using a floor jack and 2x10's.


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Apr 2, 2016
Jax Florida
Is there a good location on 2nd gens to place “quick jacks”.

I don’t think you want to use them under the rocker panels and the subframe isn’t a continuous rail that runs back far enough for a good balance of the front and rear weight of the car... Is it?

I’m thinking they would work better on a full frame vehicle.

I guess the real question is...
Has anyone here successfully used Quick Jacks on a 2nd gen?
One thing I liked was I could just put my floor jack Just about mid way between the fender and the door to get the whole side to lift. Getting older sucks. I would like to get a lift.


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Nov 13, 2011
If you don't need more than about a foot of lift and your car is a roller, try this. Some scrap 2x4, 3/4" plywood and some Harbor Freight casters- voila! I recommend steel casters so they don't flat spot. These started out at an 8" lift, then I went up a story. I would get one size larger casters than I did (mine are 2"). I've been using these for years, first to roll the car around in the garage as it was taken apart, then under a homemade wooden body cart, a homebrew rotisserie and finally back to a roller.

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