Is this bad?


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I have a 91 S10, bought new, commuter truck. Zbarted when new. I got under it every couple years and really kept after it. Still the front cab mount areas just disappeared. Just no way to wash that area out, all shaped and sealed. Need to build northern vehicles out of stainless steel and plastic I think.

Take a good look at your fuel and brake lines, those rot out and in places hard to see.

Started using Fluid film on my ‘91 S-10 a few years back. Best thing I ever did to preserve it.


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Jun 14, 2008
Gansevoort, New York
My aunt has a picture of similar to this. I’m standing level to the roof on the front porch. I still remember climbing on the roof of the milk house and jumping off.
That was from 1966. I was on the roof 4 days after it started. No school for the entire week. We lived in a community on a hill; about 200 homes. Plowing was taking place for the first 4 days and then they just couldn't keep up with the snow. They waited until it stopped and started with bucket loaders and dump trucks. Then the plows made it through.