Jacking up a 70 Camaro

Rich Gershman

May 21, 2017
Can anyone recommend a suitable jack to carry in the trunk. I prefer to not use the original bumper jack for changing a flat tire. Is there any style of jack from a later model car possibly, that might support the car without damaging the pinch weld under the rocker panel. I've used a floor jack with a piece of wood under the pinch weld but it started to bend the lip. Of course I can't carry a floor jack in the car. Curious what other are using for this.

Gary S

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Apr 14, 1999
Bismarck, North Dakota


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Sep 15, 1999
Ontario, Canada
On new cars there’s a place on the pinch welds that is actually cut out for a piece of wood and a floor jack. NEVER on a F Body.

Romney Mawhorter

70½ Z/28 RS, M21, 4.10, 65k/71 Restomod SS396
Feb 21, 2021
Southern California
Cheap but effective is Harbor Freight has a small, cheap version floor jack that I use (about 50 bucks). Picks up my camaros no problem. Place under A arm in front or on lower shock mount in back and in about 3 cranks tire clears the ground.