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Jan 11, 2006
I just joined this board and would like to say hi, I have lurked around
in the various threads and already found a lot of helpful information so
I thought it would be nice to be registered and perhaps sometime
in the future be able to contribute.

My car is a fairly untouched 1973 RS "survivor" with what it seems <60k
miles on it, it's painted in Midnight blue (29) and has factory AC
(in need of a restoration/refill) + a factory AM-radio, it has
been repainted at least once (more than 10 years ago since it was
repainted before the last owner bought it)

Please ignore the dust and dirt in the pictures, they were taken the day
after I brought it home and I had not had time to wash it at the time.
It's in "as found" condition.


I only just bought her last october and drove from a barn it resided in
into my garage for storage during the winter (which is far too long)
so I really haven't had time to enjoy my ride much yet, there are some things
to do for sure but I'll take it step by step and try to keep it rolling,
that will probably work since it is in fairly good shape as it is.


The nicest thing is that it seems that no significant amount of restoration
work has been done before, this car seems to have lived a nice quiet life,
most things are there, and noone has messed it up.

*Edit* By chance I spoke to the second owner from the 80s today, it
has certainly been restored since it had a custom paint then, it had
stripes and a spoiler too so 'no survivor' here , just an old well
preserved restoration :)


The only known modifications found so far are a couple of headers and
a homebrewn exhaust system which will be the first things to address.
(mainly due to lack of ground clearance)


It's kind of a dilemma really, perform a full restoration or not,
I think that I will minimize the restoration efforts initially, just drive
the coming summer and enjoy it as it is, sort of "get to know her"
before I start any serious restoration work. What do You think?

Well that's all for now!
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Mar 19, 2003
Phila area
Very Very Nice....
I would NOT restore that car. Check out the Original Drivetrain section of this board for help.
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Jan 11, 2006
Narmacil said:
Where are you from?
I'm from Sweden, somewhat south of Göteborg (Gothenburg).
Thank you all for your greetings and responses. I'm really looking forward
to this summer, it will probably reveal some "must-do" work on the car
but I'll take it easy in the beginning. Now if only spring would come sooner...

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