Knock, knock boom


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Oct 3, 2013
SK, Canada
OW! :(
My buddy has a '56 Lincoln and that is mild to what happened to his.
One rod actually twisted around another as if a stick of licorice!
I saw a blown small block chevy where 3 or 4 pushrods wrapped u-shaped around the crank. Absolutely NO idea how difficult it would be for them to drop down there.
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Oct 9, 2020
looking straight at/perpendicular either side... noting the hood proportions. Instead of big green bugs, Can ya imagine how the designers of first gen Chevy Monte Carlo might, just might have been inspired? Squint while looking sideways & try it again.


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Dec 7, 2014
I “windowed” the block of 3.8 V6 in my ‘93 Olds LSS.

I heard some knocking and had my fingers crossed I would make it 50 miles home.

When the knocking stopped… I left an Oil/antifreeze trail on the highway and my boys and I were stranded…. on Father’s Day. :(
You have to try pretty hard to 'splode a 3.8


Sep 14, 2007
Montclair, VA
Yeah… almost unheard of for those engines to blow.

Don’t know why one rod decided to leave the party like that. :confused
Would think it would have to be a spun bearing. Sometimes those don’t show a change in oil pressure depending on where in the lube path they occur. But yeah that 3.8 is a tough bugger.

I once had what I think was a rod failure on my 996 Carerra. Kept running all the way to the gas station, but somewhere along the way it caught fire!

fire marshal and the cops asked “why on earth did you go to a gas station with your car on fire” I said, “well… I knew for sure they would have fire extinguishers!”

priorities people!!!


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May 8, 2020
yeah but you gotta use the 100mph stuff on that!!!
That term, I believe, originated with front-engine dragsters and Altereds, maybe others, when they would duct tape weight to the front axle to limit wheelies. I don't know if anyone was ever hurt but NHRA woke up to that danger, eventually, when clamps became the requirement.


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Apr 22, 2015
Yeah… almost unheard of for those engines to blow.

Don’t know why one rod decided to leave the party like that. :confused

I spun bearing twice in a a 3.8. After long wide open pulls the oil light came on. I think the oil wasn't getting back to the oil pan fast enough. Once they start knocking it's just a short matter of time before the splode.