LH door interior lock rod

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    Could someone come to my house to help solve the problem with the LH door lock rod? I am about 3 miles east of SH 249 and FM 1960 about 8 miles west of 1960 crossing I45.

    The LH door interior lock rod pushes down but only when the door latch is part way over the striker. If I push the door all the way closed the vertical rod will not go down. With the door latch partially over the striker, rod pushed down and then the door pushed completely closed the lock rod will pull up but not push back down.

    Have viewed the RH door latch but not seeing anything different.
    Have positioned the striker in numerous locations.
    Both ends of the aftermarket seals (door and window) have been cut off. The fronts are way to thick so been using a cylinder grating tool in a drill to remove surface.

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