Long time no see!


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Mar 22, 2003
Norway, Oslo
Hi everyone!

I don't reckon anybody remembers me on here anymore, as the last decade++ I've hardly been on here.

I got in on this forum back in -03 after I bought a -70 that clearly had been rode hard and put away wet.
I considered it a great deal, and I still do.
Trying to fix it was an uphill struggle, not having anywhere to put it was the biggest obstacle the first few years.
Scouring the forums here, plus searching online as much as I could I slowly built up some idea about what I had
gotten myself into, and how to handle my "new" car.

Long story short, life happened.
I moved across the country (after safely storing the -70 with family approx halfway across the country), got a new job
that ended up literally taking all my time.
I had no spare time and was slowly working myself into isolation from friends, family and hobbies.

After a few years I got a place with a garage, and got my -70 home.
Still, too much work, too much stress, you all know the drill by now.
Combined with toxic inlaws that ragged on my project, I almost came to the point of selling it.

Last year, my work situation changed drastically. I got a new boss. (I worked for my toxic FIL until that point)
Now, I have normal working hours, no more constant verbal and mental abuse, and finally have the time to
both take care of myself and to engage in social activities and hobbies.
And yes, there was even a showdown where I kicked my aforementioned former boss/FIL out of my home. (That
went down REALLY well with the wife, but we're still together so I guess she was sick of him too, lol)

This last year after my work situation changed I've been slowly putting myself back together and regaining my energy and happiness that I
was completely sure had been lost while working for an narcissistic a-hole.
Always been into philosophy, so I took up that interest again as putting a car back together is one thing, putting yourself back together when you can't remember
who you used to be is a lot more difficult. Philosophy helped.
No mental issues mind you, just chronically overworked for 14 years.

Finally I felt I couldn't stand looking at my project anymore as it reminded me of myself, so I decided to start putting it back together too.

My garage is small, basically a tiny two-car garage from the 60's, and crammed to the rafters with stuff.
I had no idea where my parts were anymore, or even what I had. Everything was chaos.

Over the last years I've managed to do things in fits and starts, usually centered around holidays or vacations.
To do anything I had to empty half my garage, do the work, and carry everything back in when done for the day.
The next time I wanted to work on the car, I would have to start over, trying to remember what I did last time and what
next step I was supposed to do next.
Working in a much too small space is a pain.

I've gutted my old "storage" racks (an old wardrobe the previous owner put in the garage) and built big, sturdier racks to hold my parts.
I hanged new LED lighting everywhere. Threw out loads and loads of old garbage both me and the wife forgot we had stored there.
Finding parts I haven't seen in many years was fun and gave me even more interest in renewing this project.
I also gathered up the nerve to throw out parts that were clearly unsalvageble, this also freed up a LOT of space. New seats, here we come!

Making room to work in was giving me an itch to start working even though I'm not done with the garage.
I needed to get going, redoing the garage was fun but it was essentially a sideshow.
I wanted to work on the car!

So, today after work I pulled out my intake manifold and started cleaning it up.
It's an old Holley Street Dominator, covered in flaky, patchy red paint.
Removing the old paint was a task I've put off many times.
It's boring, takes time, elbow grease etc.
But today I listened to an audiobook and just put in the work.
Listening to Leonard Susskind's "The Black Hole War" while just working away with my hands was great.

And, for the first time in a long time, I felt contentment.
A deep satisfaction with doing something that was all mine.
I'm not even doing it to just "git'er done" anymore, finally I felt happy just spending time working on it.
I don't care if it takes a year of five, I'm just happy spending time on my project again.

If you're still reading, thanks for your time :)

Glad to be back.


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Jan 19, 2010
Cypress, TX
Welcome back!!! I can definitely understand life getting in the way of us making progress on our projects. Glad to hear your situation has improved and you are getting back to your car. Don't forget to post lots of pics, we love pics here!!


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Feb 26, 2004
Bloomington, MN
I was wondering where you went... :rolleyes:

Glad you're back!

Congratulations on the positive changes in your life.

Enjoy your project! :D
It's a hobby, take your time and do it because you want to.


Apr 2, 2018
Don't know you from Adam, but it's uplifting to see some determination in your post. Hope you can get fully immersed in the car. Being productive on your project will help combat the feelings of guilt your FIL imposed on your psyche with his demands. My family on my Dad's side had me on call 24 hours a day after I had learned the business enough to handle it, and hated when I took vacation days or God forbid took a day off sick. I dealt with it for 15 years before they sold the company. They are all gone now, and I'm retired since 2011, but I still deal with guilt and anxiety on Mondays unless I stay busy enough not to think about it. It's ingrained in me that I should be at work or productive during the day, or I'll feel like a worthless POS if I don't fight the felling. Are you dealing with anything similar?


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May 1, 2002
Phoenix, AZ
Hans, I remember you. Glad to see you still have the car after all the down time. I have been here off and on and it took 15+ years to finish my '70 but, it is finally done. Welcome back! Maybe it's time to start a project progress thread?? Punch the FIL for me.