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Discussion in 'Electrical Systems' started by SPG, May 23, 2019.

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    I'll start this off, wasn't sure if this belonged in body restoration or electrical...electrical seemed more fitting though.

    Anyways, I have a 75 with hidden wiper blades that was given to me with nothing due to the fact the engine caught on fire some time before I owned it. The windshield wiper reservoir, pump, wiper motor, and most electrical related components have been gutted from the car. The pictures below are what I have left. (I still have the arm that connects both wipers to the motor, just not pictured)
    Right now I'm gathering everything I need to get my wipers back in order. The only thing I need from you guys is to tell me if I'm missing anything. (and any pictures of these parts of the engine bay would be helpful as people don't usual focus on windshield wipers)
    Wiper motor
    Washer Pump
    Reservoir Cap
    Fluid Lines (unrelated, but I occasionally find these in the engine bay, I have no idea why they were never taken out)
    Nozzle Set for Hood

    The other two things I'm not sure about are
    Other Cap

    I'll also need all the screws as I don't have any anymore...not sure which ones I need.

    Anyways, am I missing anything? or did I find everything I needed. And does anyone have pictures on how all of this is hooked up? because that would be rather helpful since I have nothing to reference right now.
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